Discussion question – Unit 3

Hello, I am Rebecca from Winston Knoll Collegiate. I am here today to talk about why I believe that credit unions should be taxed the same as banks.

To begin, how is it fair to those who are with credit unions that they don’t have to pay the same amount of taxes than those who are with the bank? Sometimes there are people who are forced to go with the bank because of a job, loan, etc. therefore, these people have to pay taxes although they would rather not.

The credit unions don’t make people pay the same amount of taxes as banks do because it encourages people to go with them rather than banks. Even though credit unions and banks are supposed to be different (because if they were the same they just simply would choose either to make a bunch of credit unions or banks), I still believe it is unfair to make the people with the bank pay for taxes but not if there with the credit union.

Although, many people may complain to the government to change the rule that all banks and credit unions must pay the same amount of taxes, I don’t think it will ever change just because that is the main difference between the two.


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