Discussion question- Unit 4

As a student, I do agree with the government because if you are willing to work and have a job in Saskatchewan than you are also willing to pay taxes, just like everyone else has too. The band does have a point by saying that they earned all the money they got and they worked hard for all the money but everyone else in Saskatchewan works hard to earn their money and everyone else has to pay taxes.

People in our world, donate to charities all the time. As the government is asking for you to pay your taxes it is basically another way of donating to charities. I do agree in some way that it isn’t fair at all that people who make more than $250,000 have to pay more in taxes because these people worked hard to get where they are today. Maybe they went to school that they had to pay lots of money for just to do what they want. They deserve to have more money than those who didn’t go to post-secondary or aren’t trying to get a better paying job. Therefore, those who make less should have to pay more in taxes.

To conclude, I agree with the government that they should have to pay taxes but I don’t agree that they should have to pay more for taxes because of the amount of money they make. Everyone in Saskatchewan has to pay taxes and that will never change.



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