Pursuit of Happiness Blog

Throughout the movie, Chris went through many ups and downs as far as finance go. He struggled paying for rent, paying for his needs (which are water, food, shelter,etc.) Chris and his son had to spend nights in the bathroom at the subway station. Chris had struggled trying to make his son happy. His wife had left him because the two of them were struggling more than they should have been.

Chris overcame his financial challenges by getting a job. He tried his hardest, stayed faithful and never gave up. He worked for what he wanted and needed. He saved his money the best he could. He worked and was grateful for every penny he had. It showed us that there is so much in life to be thankful for and that we are beyond lucky with everything we have. He stayed patient and didn’t ever give up. He tried his hardest all throughout the movie to make money in any possible way he could.

He was different than the other employees because he had a time schedule. He let them know about things he did that could affect the business. Such as, low in income, homeless, single parent, etc. He was honest with them which showed the business a lot and it showed them how much of an amazing man he was. The other employees all had lots of money, all white, all dressed super fancy.

I don’t think the business treated Chris any differently than anyone else because the colour of his skin. Some people gave him a harder time, but for the most part I found everyone was treated equally.

This movie taught me that I have so much in my life to be thankful for. An amazing family, a house, being able to get an education, a job, food, more than I could ever imagine. Chris showed me that you can do anything whether you are rich or poor and that you should never give up because the minute you do, you lose everything. I would watch this movie again because it was so heartwarming.


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